Toy Libraries - a Product Service System (PSS)

Kids not your thing. But you're furrowing your brow, trying to select an environmentally responsible toy for someone who has 'em? Just don't buy one. Simple, huh? Instead give the gift of membership to a Toy Library. Rather than books, they lend out toys, puzzles, games, etc. Most 'under five' rugrats and ankle-biters are absorbing information at a speed that would make a Ferrari look snail-like. This can easily lead to boredom with certain toys. Toy libraries provide an array of kids stuff that can be rotated every couple of weeks, providing continual stimuli for the child. All without the need to own a nursery full of unwanted plastic. Many such libraries have collections of classic, robust, educational toys, that have been proven to aid in a kid's intellectual and social development. There are thousands all around the world. Some believe their growth has spread from an idea to provide disabled kids and their parents with a "play library" (or Lekotek in Swedish.) Have a look at the links pages of the International Toy Library Association for information of the nearest treasure chest to your niece, nephew or godchild. [by WM]