Toshiba Launches Portable Fuel Cells for Mobile Devices

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As cell phones become more tech intensive and therefore more energy sucking, the fear of a dead battery while on the go is increasing. While there are gads of portable solar chargers out there, many companies are putting their chips on fuel cells, which offer immediate recharging for devices. Toshiba is the latest company to offer a fuel cell solution, launching a portable methanol fuel cell that will charge up two phone batteries. Livemint reports that a single refill of methanol from a dedicated cartridge will provide power enough to charge two mobile phone batteries, allowing users to have almost instant power while away from the grid. The palm-sized charging device - called the Dynario - can be injected with methanol from refill cartridges, which will be sold in five-packs.

Toshiba says that battery exhaustion had become a "major concern" now that our phones are used for everything from listening to music to taking pictures to surfing the web.

toshiba fuel cell image

Toshiba is launching 3,000 of the devices in Japan, priced at $326. Depending on their success there, we may see them spread to the US later on. We wouldn't be surprised, considering how interested the company is on fuel cell devices. Over the past year or so, we've hear quite a bit about fuel cell-powered devices and chargers from Toshiba, though we've yet to see anything really materialize.

For now, if you want a portable fuel cell to recharge your phone on the go, try out the Medis 24/7 Power Pack. It does the same thing.

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