Toshiba Cuts Incandescent Bulbs From Line Up, Shaves 430,000 Tons Off Potential CO2 Emissions

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After shipping nearly 4.07 billion incandescent light bulbs over the last 120 years, Toshiba is cutting the product from its manufacturing line-up, focusing on greener technologies like LED lighting instead, an area in which it has been making headway. The decision to eliminate the outdated technology is expected to help cut 430,000 tons of potential CO2 emissions per year.
According to Mis-Asia, Toshiba produced 7 million incandescent bulbs last year, compared to 14 million CFLs. It also began manufacturing LED lights, which are the next wave of energy efficient lighting.

Other companies are likely to follow suit soon, as more countries create regulations banning incandescent bulbs.

Considering a 13 watt LED bulb can replace a 100 watt incandescent, it's no wonder more companies are focusing funds on LED technology rather than manufacturing a dying product.

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