Toshiba Creates Better White LEDs With New Breakthrough

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While LEDs create lovely lighting, one thing holding us back from fully embracing white LEDs on a big scale – big as in cities covered in LED streetlights, parking lots, industrial areas – is that they just aren’t as bright as CFLs or incandescents. But of course they’re a much greener option. Toshiba Japan has taken the conundrum to heart and has come up with a way to get LEDs to have 50% higher UV light emission efficiency compared to other white LEDs. How Toshiba Makes Better White LEDs
The technology behind it is colorful. Basically, current white LEDs are made by covering blue LEDs with phosphors to make the light white. But they aren’t very bright.

Toshiba instead filled the gap between the sapphire substrate and the light-emitting gallium nitride layers with an aluminium nitride layer. This helps prevent fissures that lower lighting efficiency. Then, green, blue and red phosphor coatings get the LED to produce 8mW more brightness than other white LEDs.

Other Researchers Are On To Better White LED Tech
This isn’t the only research going into making LEDs easier on the eyes. Researchers in Turkey are on to something as well.

They discovered that by coating blue LEDs with a layer of nanocrystals specially engineered to turn the blue light into warm white, they could produce light at efficiency of over 300 lumens of visible light per watt. "Typical white LEDs are less well matched to human eyes and provide only about 30 to 60 lumens of visible light per watt," so these would be 5 to 10x better! That's also better than CFLs which are closer to 80 lumens/watt.

Better Lights, Bigger Savings
Toshiba hopes to have their version of better-performing bulbs out by 2010. If done on a larger scale like in malls, department stores and super markets, (and if combined with new LED research uncovered at Purdue University) the more efficient and eco-friendly lighting could make a big difference.

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