Top Green Trends for 2007


JWT, the largest advertising agency in the US and the fourth-largest in the world, recently announced 70 products, services and trends that will define 2007, and there's a fair sprinkling of green throughout the list. Green building checks in at number seven, followed closely by hydrogen fuel cells and school buses running on biodiesel; be on the lookout for more organic fabrics, "environmental causes" in general and companies going green, which are all trends sprinkled in among things like reality show talent searches and Sacha Baron Cohen. We're also happy to see that locally sourced produce, microgeneration (producing your own power) and our pal Al Gore (who's film had a pretty good year, too) will continue their prominence in 2007. Green will be at the top of TreeHugger's list through the year, and we hope to spot a few people, ideas and products that'll keep the world going green through 2008 and beyond. ::Red Orbit via ::AutoblogGreen

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