Is this tiny electric scooter the ultimate 'last mile' vehicle for commuters?

URB-E electric vehicle

There are tons of options on the market for bicycles and electric bikes for commuters, but most of them can't pack down to the size of a carry-on bag and go with you on the bus or train.

This little e-vehicle could be the missing link for traveling that 'last mile' between transit station and destination.

The URB-E is essentially a foldable electric scooter, although one that you can sit on, and it packs a lot of features into a small package. Weighing in at just 27 pounds, and folding up to about the size of a small wheeled carry-on bag (16″x16″x 36″), this portable electric vehicle is capable of going up to 15 mph and traveling up to 20 miles on a single charge.

URB-E is available in two different versions, a three-wheeled Commuter model and a two-wheeled GP model (which offers more agility due to its shorter wheelbase):

"URB-E Commuter is the perfect vehicle for the highly congested urban environment. Its three-wheel trike design allows for added stability and greater lower speed maneuverability, perfect for navigating pedestrian traffic. The two rear wheels also serve as a very stable way to carry around URB-E while in its folded position, similar to pulling a piece of luggage." - URB-E

These little electric vehicles use a 36 volt li-ion battery, which is rated for 5000 charge cycles and has a charge time of about 3 hours, and a 250W brushless front hub motor provides the power.

The URB-E, which met with much acclaim when revealed at the 2014 CES, is now the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and backers at the $799 level will receive one of the units produced overseas. Backers at the $1599 will receive a limited edition and serialized Made in the USA model built by Foes Racing.

Is this tiny electric scooter the ultimate 'last mile' vehicle for commuters?
A foldable and lightweight electric vehicle offers a quick and easy way to get around that also fits on the bus, train, or the trunk of a car.

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