Tiny Armies of Microsubmarines Could Clean Up Oil Spills (Video)

Back in May, we covered a cool new technology looking into how microsubmarines could be the future of cleaning up oil spills in the ocean. Megan wrote, "The tiny machines are able to absorb and transport oil droplets in water, meaning they could be our next go-to solution for cleaning up oil spills...[T]he microsubmarines were based on microtube engines that were created to deliver medicine through the bloodstream of the human body. The submarines are eight micrometers long -- ten times smaller than the width of a human hair -- and are propelled by an inner layer of hydrogen peroxide that reacts with the liquid they're submerged in to produce bubbles and shoot them forward."

The technology can feel a little complex but the video above from American Chemical Society succinctly explains it. So if you had any lingering questions after reading our coverage earlier in the year, this video might clear a few things up. Enjoy!

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