Tilting at lampposts

photo Richard Perry New York Times

Light pollution is a problem for astronomers, a waste of energy and indirectly a source of CO2 to make the energy. We don't usually think of it as an urban problem, given that we demand streetlighting for safety and accept outdoor advertising. In fact, according to Susan Harder of New York City, "One day," she said on a recent evening, "we'll look back at light pollution in the same way we do the recycling or ecology movements, and wonder how we ever could have thought otherwise." She particularly dislikes the ones [pictured]on Broadway: "It's Obi-Wan Kenobi's swords!" Ms. Harder said with a giggle. "Seriously, lighting designers love this stuff. Their creed is 'Glare is Good.' And there's no light hitting the ground, see? It all hits these beautiful old buildings and washes them out. You can't see a thing." ::New York Times