Tidal Energy Plans for Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket in the Works

Martha's Vineyard sunset photo

photo by Amelia Davis

When most followers of renewable energy think of Cape Cod, the first thing they probably think of is the embattled Cape Wind project. That may change if feasibility studies concerning developing tidal energy in between Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket prove fruitful.

Cape Cod Times provides the details of two projects currently being investigated:

Edgartown-Nantucket Tidal Energy Plant Water Power Project
Under the current permits, the Edgartown-Nantucket Tidal Energy Project calls for 50 ocean-current turbines, connected to shore with a three-mile long transmission cable, generating enough power for about 1,500 homes. Once all the preliminary research is done, it is expected to be at least two years before this project generates any power.

Cape and Island Tidal Energy Project
In between Martha’s Vineyard and mainland Cape Cod, The Cape and Islands Tidal Energy Project calls for 150 tidal-energy generators, producing between 1 and 3 MW of electricity at peak tide. Considering that preliminary testing in Vineyard Sound indicates that tidal current speeds are not-quite high enough for electricity production to be economically viable with current technology, it may be a while before work begins even though the federal permits are in place.

via :: Cape Cod Times
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