Tibet's Prayer Wheels Could Generate Both Positive and Kinetic Energy

tibet prayer wheel image

Image via Inhabitat

Tibet's prayer wheels are used to generate positive energy, good vibes, and other happy things that help make the soul feel better. But maybe they can generate and harness another form of energy that makes the earth feel a bit better. Kinetic energy. Oh yeah. Inhabitat notes:

Taikkun is a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s GFRY Studio, and his design was one of our favorite projects presented at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair. It is constructed simply around used bicycle parts and a discarded fan motor, making it ideal for efficient production and use in the developing world.

The idea is simple. With each spin, a small amount of energy is created. The design would harness that energy and send it straight into the electrical grid, helping to power nearby lights or meet other needs.

tibet kinetic energy wheel image

It's one of those designs that makes you say, "Of course!" and want to gather the energy potential of anything that moves, or slap a solar panel or turbine on anything sitting out in the sun and wind.

Via Inhabitat
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