Threatened Whale Found Impaled on Cruise Ship (Video)

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A couple weeks ago, we talked about two new technologies being explored to help keep ships and whales from colliding. Run-ins with ships is a serious threat to whales, and, unfortunately, we have a news story to prove it. A fin whale - a species listed as threatened in Canada under the Species at Risk Act - was found impaled on a cruise ship's bow after the ship docked in Vancouver. The Times Online reports:

The Sapphire Princess, from the Princess Cruise Lines, arrived in Canada from Alaska on Saturday morning with the whale speared to the ship's bulbous bow, the part of the bow which cuts through the water.

It is not known how long the carcass of the fin whale, estimated to be approximately 70 feet long, had been attached to the ship before it docked at the Port of Vancouver's Canada Place terminal.

The Calgary Herald reports that the carcass will be studied, and then dropped back into the ocean as food for a variety of other marine life.

This is a perfect example of why the technologies we reported on earlier could be useful for avoiding this type of event. They can help detect when whales are in the area and report to nearby ships so that the ships can then slow down and keep a sharper lookout to avoid hitting any whales, but can especially relevant for avoiding those listed as threatened and endangered.

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