This Device Provides Clean Water for Pennies a Day


Photo: Watercone
Passive Solar One Step Water Condensation FTW!
We wrote about the Watercone back in 2004, but considering how much TreeHugger's audience has grown since then, it's likely that only a handful of you were reading the site back then. I think it's time to have a second look at this very clever device that has the potential to help provide clean drinking water for millions of people who are lacking access to clean water (or if they do, maybe the access is intermittent and they could use a plan B). This could save many lives for sure. Read on for more details and a demonstration video.

Photo: Watercone
Step #1: Pour salty / brackish Water into pan. Then float the Watercone(r) on top. The black pan absorbs the sunlight and heats up the water to support evaporation.


Photo: Watercone
Step #2: The evaporated Water condensates in the form of droplets on the inner wall of the cone. These droplets trickle down the inner wall into a circular trough at the inner base of the cone.


Photo: Watercone
Step #3: By unscrewing the cap at the tip of the cone and turning the cone upside down, one can empty the potable Water gathered in the trough directly into a drinking device.

It's also very durable, easy to transport (they stack easily), inexpensive to produce, and low-tech enough that it can be used even if no other infrastructure is present.


Photo: Watercone
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