ThinkGeek Starting CSA-Style Subscription Program for Boxes of Used Electronics

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In an effort to take control over their returned and broken items pile, electronics store ThinkGeek is proposing something that we TreeHuggers are quite familiar with -- a subscription program for quarterly boxes of "borked stuff." The store is figuring out logistics and gauging interest, and should they find enough hackers and gadget geeks interested in receiving boxes of devices and components on a regular basis, from individuals to schools to nonprofits, then they're starting the program up. Find out how you can help get it off the ground. The "Proud Gadget Hoarder" will be all over this deal -- as will any schools and hacker spaces that needs parts for projects.

ThinkGeeks states that since they can't resell damaged electronics and still be good business owners, can't donate broken stuff and still be considered nice human beings, and can't trash them and live on knowing what that does to the environment, then they're left with creating a new solution that, in reality, will have gadget lovers bouncing at the opportunity.

Right now, ThinkGeek is still just figuring out the interest level of consumers, so if you're interested, you definitely want to sign up so that the company knows there are people out there who will take them up on this opportunity.

ThinkGeek states there are a few rules you need to agree to before signing up:

1. By filling out the form, you vow to make something awesome and you won't be a jerk and sell our borked things on eBay. (We'll be watching.)
2. We hope you'll send us photos and updates on projects--we want to see our liddle things all growed up!
3. Our warehouse is in Columbus, Ohio, and groups in that area that can pick up boxes are ideal, but we'll work out some shipping options for others. (It would help enormously if you can pick up the tab.) International hackers, we'll see, but it could be very expensive to ship to you.

If you can handle that, then hop on the list!

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