Things You Don't Have to Buy on Black Friday If You Have A Smart Phone

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Unless you're living in a cave or as a survivalist in Montana, you've noticed that phones have become incredible all-in-one devices. Recombu has a great article about gadgets that smart phones have made or are making obsolete. But the list is a little short. If you're planning on shopping on Black Friday, here's a list of things you can cross off your list of things to look for. Recombu notes that because of the multi-capable phones, the devices we'll see disappear include:
phone booths
wrist watches
bedside alarm clocks
MP3 players
landline home phones
compact digital cameras
handheld gaming consoles
and - as a bit of a joke but with a strong dash of truth - thinking.

We have a few gadgets to add to the list that you can ditch forever thanks to phones, though even this list is going to be a little on the short side too, since when you factor in all the apps available on iPhones and the growing number available on Blackberries and Android phones, there's a whole slew of things you just don't need anymore.

Calendars, daily planners and address books - no need to dole out anywhere from $10 to $50 for a spiral bound planner or moleskin when you can quickly plug your dates into your phone, including setting reminders

Calculators - Unless it's a Texas Instruments for your calculus class, there's no need to get a calculator anymore. And likely, there's an easy tipping calculator also built into your phone. Handy!

Keychain flashlights - Oh sure, they make an easy stocking stuffer but skip em. Phones work perfectly well as small flashlights for finding your seat in a dark theater or the keys in your purse.

Kitchen timers - No need with the timers and stopwatches built into phones.

Handheld GPS - Your phone can find where you are and lead you pretty much anywhere you want to go. For the average person, there's no real need for handheld GPS devices anymore.

Maps - With Google access on your phone, maps are practically obsolete.

Small video cameras - So many smart phones these days have built in video cameras. You can catch snippits faster and easier with your phone, and with the latest iPhone, you can even easily edit and upload them.

What else? The fewer gadgets and single-use devices out there, the better. And thanks to smart phones, there are loads you can leave behind.

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