They'll Drag My Rota-dent From My Cold, Dead Hands

rota-dent toothbrush photo

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) just released "Kick the CO2 Habit: the U.N. Guide to Climate Neutrality" suggesting that small changes do work. "Multiplied across the world and acted upon by 6.7 billion people, the public have the power to change the future, have the power to personally and collectively influence economies to 'Kick the CO2 Habit'," says Achim Steiner, (previously interviewed on TreeHugger here) Notwithstanding the fact that half of those 6.7 billion have very little to give up or opportunity to change, here are some of their suggestions, with carbon savings, with the two I find hardest to deal with first:

-- Use a wind-up alarm clock rather than an electric one: 48 grams CO2 a day.
-- Use a non-electric toothbrush: 48 grams a day.

Then I realized that it only applies if you get your electricity from fossil fuels, which I don't, so I can keep my Roto-dent.

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Other Suggestions for saving power and CO2:

-- Dry clothes on a washing line rather than in a tumble dryer: 2.3 kg each load.

-- Pack lighter suitcases. It says that world savings would be 2 million tonnes a year if every airline passenger cut the weight of baggage to below 20 kg and bought duty free goods on arrival.

-- Heat bread rolls in a toaster rather than in the oven for 15 minutes: 170 grams of CO2 each time.

-- Take a train rather than a car for a daily commute of 8 km: 1.7 kg CO2 a day.

-- The average British household could cut 2 tonnes of CO2 annually with more efficient insulation, heating and lighting

-- Reduce winter heating: cutting the temperature by a couple of degrees saves 6 percent in energy bills.

-- Avoid 'carbon binges': a return flight across the Atlantic is equivalent to running a car for a year for each passenger. ::Thomson Reuters

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