Thermal Insulating Nano-Paint Generates Electricity

nansulate industrial paint

As far as alternative energy schemes go, this one almost sounds too good to be true: Industrial Nanotech has just unveiled its nanotech-based line of thermal insulating paint, Nansulate, which - when properly applied inside of a structure's walls - promises to effectively generate electricity. The thin sheets of thermal insulation would use the temperature differential between the interior and exterior of the building to produce a near constant supply of electricity, since - as company CEO Stuart Burchill argues - "there is almost always, day or night and anywhere in the world, a difference between the temperature inside a building and outside a building gives us an almost constant source of energy generation to tap into."

It remains to be seen how well this technology works in practice; even if Burchill's claims only hold partially true, however, it could prove to be a big step forward in alternative energy production. We'll be eager to see the results.

Via ::SCI FI Tech: Paint: It keeps your lights on now, too (blog)

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