The Sustainability Show


The Sustainability Show is a wide-ranging exhibition of new and familiar products demonstrating how we can reduce our negative impact on the world and make some good green consumer decisions. Tucked away in a corner of the ill-fated Millennium Dome was a mix of individuals who are working at a local level with recycled materials and larger companies involved on a broader scale.

The Mayor of London had a good exhibit about transit (pictured) including the best give-away: a set of cards with thirty tips to energy saving. Nigel, from Nigel's Eco Store, was at the show and he was delighted with his new solar-powered shavers, but the coasters made out of yoghurt pots had more appeal for women shoppers as did the solar powered Christmas lights for the tree. Paperpod are (recycled) cardboard creations for children in the shape of houses, rockets and tee-pees. Everything can be folded flat when they (or you) are tired of them.


These 100% recycled sculptures are hand-made from hub caps, shopping carts and other bits found on the road. The heron (left) was made from abandoned shopping carts, other lights were made from a kettle and the fish wall-hangings from hub caps. The artist gets the hub caps from friendly donors and by walking the local streets so the banged-up scratched look is part of the aesthetic.


These long bikes are made in Holland and are perfect for ferrying small children to school or to a play date. They are hand-made with a long and low frame to support and balance the weight of the passengers. Popular in Holland, they are becoming more popular in London, with a plastic cover available for the rain. The traditional Dutch bikes are very solid and comfortably designed; allowing the rider to sit in an upright position, rather than leaning over. Also on display were wisper bikes which are electric and surprisingly light-weight.

Green cars and car clubs were well represented, as they should be. The Nice Car, Vectrix, Zip car and Whizzgo rental clubs had stands and displays. There was even an electric car rally planned. :: The Sustainability Show

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