The Spark Solar-Powered Charger for iPad Offers Speedy Charging

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Voltaic is announcing its latest solar-powered charger, the Spark, and it is designed specifically for tablet devices. Not only is it a charger, but it is also a carrying case for the device itself. The Spark works not only for the iPads but also the Blackberry Playbook, T-Mobile G-Slate, Samsung Galaxy Tab, ASUS Transformer and many other small handheld electronics.

Voltaic notes that for every hour of direct sunlight, the Spark can provide an hour of iPad video playback thanks to four 2 watt solar panels on the front of the case. Ten hours of sunshine should provide a full charge for an iPad. It might seem like a whole lot of daylight just to get one charge, but compared to many other solar charging devices on the market, this is fairly fast, especially for the size.

If you're looking for something more powerful, you'll have to go up in size. For instance, check out these solar-powered laptop chargers -- they're great, but they're also big.

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The Spark has a 39-Watt hour battery has both a high-powered USB port for tablets and a standard USB port for phones and other handheld electronics, so it's not stuck charging just tablets, but can also handle DSLR camera batteries, MP3 players and so on.

The Spark runs at $299 which is a fairly average price for this quality of charger. It might seem like a lot to spend for off-grid charging, but a little solar power comes in handy when out in the field. Plus, it can also be charged via a wall plug to act as a back-up battery.

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voltaic spark image

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