The Rider: An Electric Commuter Trike

Somehow we missed this one. An electric commuter vehicle that folds up (see extended post) not bigger than an umbrella. Okay, at 14 kg (31 lb) it might be a tad heavier, but can your brolly transport you around town at 15 kph (9.5mph) for 4 hours (4 hrs)? Even Mary Poppins would’ve been impressed. The removable 24v battery slips between a fork in the handlebars, the electric motor drives the front wheel, and it boasts regenerative braking, though this may not make it from prototype to production model. Conceived as complementary transport to buses and trains, the Rider’s Israeli designer, Elisha Wetherhorn, is seeking support to bring this cool design to a street near you. Oh yeah, and it carves (leans) as you corner to add a little buzz to your commute. Top pic from Core77. Elisha can be contacted via ::The Rider

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