The Reuseum Keeps Junk in the DIY Loop

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Photos via the Reuseum

If you're hunting for a shop that has really cool unique, old, and random parts and gadgets for techy projects, there is just the shop for you. The Reuseum is focused on technology, sustainability, and reusing objects - and it's just the spot for green geeks. From the Reuseum:

While specializing in one of a kind items from the worlds of science, industry and technology, our goal is to bring these things to good use for not only the home hobbyist, artist, and engineer types, but anyone who likes old cool stuff that you just can’t really find anymore. If you come look around you might be surprised at what cool relics you may find!

The Reuseum even takes in old electronics for free. What they can't use, they ensure is properly recycled. And they hold great events in which people can make cool new things from old stuff.

Peruse the website, and if you're in the neighborhood, be sure to check out the great storefront!

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