The Rarest Shark in the Seas Caught...Then Eaten

megamouth shark photo

photo via wikimedia CC

The 41st megamouth shark ever documented - one of the rarest fish in the world - was caught the Philippines on March 30th, where it was promptly butchered and eaten. As a sharp underline to the downsides of fishing, a 1,100 pound, 13-foot long megamouth shark was caught in fishermen's nets off Burias island, died during its struggles, was taken to nearby Donsol in Sorsogon province, and served up as a meal.

The fact that it was found in waters that also house endangered whale sharks, manta rays, and dolphins shows that the ecosystem in that area is still healthy, says the World Wildlife Fund. However, the fact that the area houses endangered and rare species like these also shows that it needs to be protected.

On the one hand we have to be saddened that not only was it caught, but also eaten. But on the other hand, it was a big fish caught by accident, with only a couple options for dealing with it, one of which being to turn it into dinner.

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