The PUMA Phone - A Solar Powered Phone For Sports Nuts

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The latest solar powered phone to make a splash in the market place is the PUMA Phone. And this one is made specifically to get you out of the house and car and onto your feet. Not only does it boast a solar panel, but also a whole host of features for active people that help out in running, walking and cycling. GSMArena notes that the specs are similar to the Blue Earth phone, which is the fanciest solar powered phone we've seen so far. But the PUMA phone has a very distinct style, made for sporty people. There's a built in speedometer, run tracker, pedometer, compass, music player, geotagging, routing and mapping and other features that make it not just a regular phone, but one that encourages you to get outside and run, hike, cycle and so on. We love that!

However, more details, including the solar charging capabilities are scarce. It's likely similar to most solar phones, that give you about a minute of talk time for 10 minutes of sun time. Plus, it promises "eco friendly" packaging, though we don't know quite what that entails.

The PUMA phone will be available in greater Europe and online on the PUMA store starting April 2010 for about 400 euro.

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