The Print House: Huge Solar Tile Installation in East London

Solarcentury are at it once again. We've only just posted on this leading UK company's recent offer of 50% extra free on solar panels, and now we hear that they have completed a 184 square meter installation (approx. 2024 square feet) of their distinctive solar tiles on the roof of The Print House, a property in East London consisting of 50 office suites occupied by 30 small businesses, voluntary and social enterprise organisations. According to Solarcentury, this project is one of the largest of its kind in the country, and should save up to 12 tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere each year:

"This is the most efficient solar PV technology available, operating at 20% efficiency. The installation will provide most of the electricity that the building?s occupants require. This makes The Print House a highly efficient roof, and one of the most productive PV roofs (per sqm) in the UK. At the weekends, and when the electricity use will be lower, this type of installation enables users to export power to the national grid."

The installation was part funded by the Energy Saving Trust and the European Regional Development Fund. The project will also include an educational resource center explaining the technology and its advantages. For more information on Solarcentury's unique products, check out our post on their complete solar roof.::solarcentury::

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