The Leftovers: How Much Americans Spend on Electronics and More

Siemens buys eMeter's smart grid 'big data' software
"Siemens Energy, which was an investor in eMeter, said that eMeter's software will be an integral piece to its product line aimed at utilities."

How Much Americans Spend on Electronics [INFOGRAPHIC]

These statistics may surprise you.

CEA to Develop Smart Grid Standard for Electronics
The new specifications "will allow manufacturers of consumer products to build Smart Grid-ready products that can obtain energy information from digital meters and energy system interfaces regardless of the communication technology used."

The Earth has a heartbeat we can see from space

"The Earth pulses with a special kind of resonant wave. The Schumann Resonance has long been dubbed 'the Earth's heartbeat,' and it has only been spotted from below. Recently, though, satellites have found signs of this electromagnetic heartbeat leaking up into space."

Clean energy hits $1 trillion of investment
"Global investments in clean energy and energy efficiency have officially passed the trillion-dollar mark, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It’s like the recent 7-billion-person mark, but for energy geeks!"

The Leftovers: How Much Americans Spend on Electronics and More
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