The Last Mile personal transport


Jeremy Faludi may be one of those guys who squeezes 27 hours out of 24. Check his CV. When not writing for the always thought-provoking WorldChanging, he seems to be developing innovative, mould-breaking designs like this one. He describes The Last Mile thus: "a cargo-carrying folding scooter, designed to help commuters get back and forth to work without driving. It is specifically designed to make it convenient for users to take public transportation." Looks a bit like a 21st Century version of granny's shopping cart, until you see the little videos on his website. They demo the speed with which it converts into something much cooler!For example, that striped black/blue cover rolls away into the base - like an electrical cord zipping back into a vacuum cleaner! And the ladder-like panel is actually a disguised skateboard. Flick a latch with your foot and it drops down, so you can skoot off down the footpath (or sidewalk, if you insist). This is what good design should be about - solutions for real world issues - like how to make using public transport more sexy. Might cost about $300, if the prototype was commercialized. ::Faludi Design [by WM]