The Green Grid Gets Specific With New Datacenter Energy Efficiency Guidelines

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The Green Grid's 2nd Annual Technical Forum is happening today in San Jose, California, and it will be the site of some great announcements for datacenter efficiency, including new guidelines and reporting structures we've been expecting that will help datacenters find out their actual efficiency levels and report them with accuracy.Datacenter 2.0
Everyone wants to run a more efficient datacenter because they're cheaper. But how exactly does a manager go about ensuring that the datacenter is running efficiently? The Green Grid is rolling out a body of work that will help figure out exactly that.

First of all, The Green Grid is announcing today a new 2.0 program that gives the industry a guideline along which it can build and operate efficient datacenters. Not only will it help in building new datacenters, but also in retrofitting the old.

"The data center is comprised of highly complex systems, and while multiple technical designs and best practice documents exist within the industry, there is not a single authoritative source taking a holistic approach to data center designs and moving the data center as a whole forward," said Jim Pappas, a director of The Green Grid and director of initiative marketing in Intel's Server Platforms Group. "With the Data Center 2.0 initiative, The Green Grid will spearhead the effort to create an industry accepted design guide to optimize data center efficiency."

But it won't just be throwing out guidelines and expecting people to follow suit. Training will also be available. The Green Grid Academy will be launched, which is a set of readily available training materials to help end users like operators and IT how to deploy industry standard measures and metrics into their facility. It will help train people for more honest reporting and claims around their numbers.

Taking Suggestions
The Green Grid is also working on developing a set of guidelines for measuring useful work in a datacenter. They aim to figure out exactly how to you measure useful work in the data center.

They took 8 proposals for measuring useful work and are asking for industry and individual feedback on them. From those 8, they'll figure out which, if any, are the one or two that help best determine how much energy is used by the computers vs the building. This way, datacenters will know which structural changes are making an impact and by how much, versus hardware changes.

Ramping Up for Greener Datacenters
From The Green Grid, datacenters can expect to see The Green Grid Acadamy online immediately so datacenter operators will be better able to implement the new tools. Reporting tools will come during the first half of 2009. And after a 90 day comment period, the proposals for developing measurement guidelines will be analyzed.

We're here at The Green Grid's 2nd Annual Technical Forum and will announce more details as we get them.

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