The Global Cooling Myth Debunked (Video)


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Why do some climate skeptics continue to claim that the earth is in the middle of a 'global cooling trend' despite the fact that every reliable source -- NASA, NCAR, NOAA, etc -- has shown temperature records proving otherwise? Why do climate deniers seem to revere satellite data? And why do some skeptics still blame global warming on solar activity? All interesting questions -- and all are answered thoroughly in the video after the jump.This two-part video, from Peter Sinclair's fantastic climate skeptic-debunking series "Climate Denier Crock of the Week", explains the irrational logic and data cherry-picking used to construct the 'Global Cooling' myth. I know the running time may be a tad daunting in our 4-minute max online attention span, but do watch these -- very informative stuff.

In the second part, Sinclair focuses on the impact of solar activity on the Earth's climate.

I don't no how much longer we're going to have to put up with the global cooling nonsense -- I predicted talk about the myth would die down after this year, when even the skeptic's venerated satellites showed that this year is seeing record-shattering temperatures. But in case those skeptics start ignoring all data, it's important to know why global cooling is a myth, plain and simple.

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