The Favorite Energy Gadget Kill A Watt Gets an Upgrade

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The Kill A Watt is a TreeHugger favorite - a plug-load power monitor that allows you to track energy consumption for a particular device and find out how much money you're spending on running that piece of equipment. The familiar device has just received an upgrade with the Kill A Watt Graphic Timer, a new version that has a few extra bells and whistles that if you've been considering getting a Kill A Watt, you'll want to know about. This is one of the most sophisticated timers on the market and yet is very easy to understand. It's a digital version of a straightforward mechanical timer with a visual interface. It is easy to program the quarter-hour ON/OFF periods for 7 days and 24 hours as you would program traditional mechanical timers. Unlike other timers, the
The new Kill A Watt Graphic Timer is a power monitor, device timer, surge protector and all around awesome little gadget. It can be programed to shut your device off or on at various times, and can be programmed for each of the 7 days of the week.

It can also protect your devices from over current, over voltage and under voltage, as well as keep your appliances healthy for longer by "gently applying start-up power via its Zero power crossing spike-free switch."

As for standard power monitoring, the easy-to-read display shows you minute-by-minute changes in energy consumption so you're seeing exactly what you're spending to power the appliance, and can project for you how much you're going to spend at the end of the month. When you see how much you're spending, or your energy consumption patterns, you can utilize the timer features to limit energy consumption.

The new version of the Kill A Watt is going for $70 over at Think Geek - a lot more than the older $25 version of the device, but if you utilize all the features to cut energy consumption on appliances, then it will pay for itself after awhile.

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