The Economist: Africa's Global Warming Challenge


The Economist: "Climate change may have a graver effect on Africa than any other continent [...] Around 600,000 square kilometres of cultivable land may be ruined. Rising sea levels would threaten coastal infrastructure in Egypt, Senegal and the Gulf of Guinea, an important oil-producing region. Another study by the University of Pretoria estimates that $25 billion may be lost in crop failure because of rising temperatures."

If anyone still needed to be convinced of the gravity of the situation and of the urgency of steering Ship Humanity in a different direction... See also: ::IPCC on Latin America: Land Drought and Coastlines Floodings are on the Menu, ::Roasted World: The IPCC Second Course Is Served, ::The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report, ::The 4 Stages of Global Warming Denial

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