The Earth Awards Announce Their Winner

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The Earth Awards held their ceremonies and announced the winning contestant for their search for the best future-crucial design idea.

Check out all the finalists and the winner after the jump. The Earth Awards is a world-wide search for the design idea that will benefit the world, from human society and culture to ecology and environmental systems.

Looking at entrants for categories including product design, architecture, fashion, food, alternative energy, and others, The Earth Awards narrowed it down to a handful of finalists. Here are their ideas:

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By Jakob Rutqvist

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This submission represents 12 innovators. We've put together a system of 12 low-carbon innovations that can deliver urban sustainability without threatening our planets capacity to support life. By recognizing the scale of the challenge we are facing as well as the complexity of the solutions needed, we stand out by presenting a coherent set of solutions rather than an alleged silver bullet.

By Bryan Garcia, Kerry E. O'Neill

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Earth Markets develops and finances residential energy efficiency projects that provide cost savings to consumers, reduce energy usage, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and yield a financial return to investors through the monetization of environmental credits (i.e. energy savings certificates and demand savings) and other project attributes. Earth Markets seeks to create the Sun Edison model for energy efficiency.

By Bill Browning, Christopher Pyke, Dana Bourland, Amy Davidsen, Benjamin Feldman

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Engaged Offsets is a financial mechanism that presents innovative, transparent, and local solutions to the global crisis of climate change. This investment vehicle makes the purchase of renewable technologies more easily achievable for non-profit organizations, schools, affordable housing developments, and institutional buildings, while providing tangible, marketable benefits to the entities that supply the capital for the offsets.

By Andrew Neal, Timmothy Porter

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ILUMA represents a holistic evolution into the next generation of energy-efficient lighting systems. Globally deployable in a broad range of urban and rural, residential, commercial, and industrial applications, it hybridizes a superior LED-based lighting system with net zero-energy and zero-carbon footprint power supply options.

Available as one-inch-diameter 2- and 4-foot lighting tubes that integrate structural heat sink housing and innovative semi-conductor light source, ILUMA addresses and resolves three of the problems plaguing inherently energy-efficient current generation LED-based lighting, inhibiting its rapid adoption and implementation:
1) overheating;
2) lack of parts interchangeability;
3) cost.

By Ming Tang

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FOLDED BAMBOO + PAPER HOUSE Temporary shelters for earthquake homeless...The central feature of our project is the development of a sustainable temporary shelter for the homeless people, a kinetic bamboo structure that exhibits characteristics of umbrella and folded fans, with the potential of arranging themselves into various contexts and dwelling requirements. We named it as Bamboo + paper House, a self reconstructive structure for instant installations, which, according to the changing internal requirements and site topography, can produce potentially infinite scenarios.

Read on for More Entries, and to Find out the Winner

The Earth Awards Announce Their Winner
The Earth Awards held their ceremonies and announced the winning contestant for their search for the best future-crucial design idea.

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