The Carbon Footprint of Carbon Footprint Calculators


Ben Boyd in Tech Support stoking the servers

The TreeHugger investigative team has uncovered a new major source of greenhouse gas emissions that will challenge our best minds. It appears that there are about 3,000 carbon footprint calculators on the internet, each with an approximate size of 200 meg, with some huge databases out there with hundreds of megs, possibly totalling 600,000 megs of data. Then Google tells us our researchers determined that there are 34,000 pages on the internet referencing carbon footprint calculators, each about .5 meg, totalling 17,000 meg, totalling almost 620,000 meg of data.

Our wizard Mark informs us that it takes a pound of coal to generate the power to store 20 meg of data for a year, so that means it takes 31,000 pounds of coal to keep those calculators and pages referring to them operating. Burning a pound of coal creates about 1.6 pounds of CO2, so carbon footprint calculators generate 51,000 pounds, or 25 tons of greenhouse gases.

Enough! Demand solar, water and wind-powered calculators or none at all.

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