The Brumby Pump Needs No Moving Parts to Gather Well Water (Video)

brumby pump demo photo

The Health Ranger - AKA Mike Adams from Natural News - demos the Brumby Pump, a pump system that has no moving parts. It utilizes compressed air to suck water from wells, making it an ideal piece of equipment for farmers and villagers in rural areas. Click through to watch a video of the Brumby Pump being installed in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, and check out the local dog's reaction to the water hose.All someone needs to run the Brumby Pump is a low horsepower air compressor. The expense and constant maintenance of an electric pump system are eliminated, making it a more affordable and accessible device.

"This configuration is incredibly easy to maintain because there are no motors or moving parts down in the well," Adams explained. "Everything is right on the surface, where it's easy to reach and easy to maintain." Adams also says the air compressor could easily be driven by solar power, making this irrigation solution suitable for remote areas in developing countries.

A well-pump system that can be taken off-grid is a great solution for rural areas.

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