The Big Squirt Will Save Us

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John Laumer wrote earlier about shale oil in Colorado, that finding the energy to both heat oil shale to 700 degrees while simultaneously freezing the surrounding rock with 30 feet of ice was not a big problem, but finding the water to do it all is. But he forgets that Science Will Save UsTM and that technology like the Big Squirt can easily shoot all the water they need down from the Great Lakes. detail big squirt image

According to Modern Mechanix,

Sidney Cornell, a Los Angeles construction engineer, thinks he has a solution. He wants to construct a series of geyser-like power plants one mile apart to shoot water from the mouth of one into the funnel of the next, as depicted here by MI artist Frank Tinsley. The water would arc over hilly sections, have a flat trajectory over plains. Its velocity would approach 400 mph. These stations—400 in all—would cost about $300,000 each.

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