The 2012 Menace May Be Real, Like Sarah Palin

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2012 is a movie, the end of the Mayan calendar, maybe the end of the Earth. But, thankfully, it's all a myth. Or is it? The 2012 phenomenon gets a new spin from Lawrence M. Krauss in the March 2010 issue of Scientific American. The bottom line: 2012 could be the beginning of the end if we don't take steps to combat climate change, and call out naysayers like Sarah "You Can See Russia from Alaska" Palin. Krauss, a theoretical physicist and science commentator, is director of the Origins Initiative at Arizona State University. Scientific American is far from a supermarket tabloid.

Krauss starts out by dismissing the 2012 scare as "an unfounded fringe religious prophecy" that's been exploited by the 2012 movie, which saw its DVD release on March 2.

But Sarah Palin may be the same type of menace that the legends have foretold, Krauss says. After all, she may run for the White House in 2012, and she was against an international agreement during 2009's United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

"On the conclusion of the less than stellar Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change in December, ex-governor and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who many think may make a White House run herself in 2012, twittered the world with the following:

"arrogant&naive2say; man over pwers nature"

Palin's tweet could be dismissed as another religious end-of-days argument, Krauss continues. But there are signs all over that man has already overpowered nature, despite Palin's belief that God will guard the planet and decide when it's time for us to go.

Those include the power of humans to eradicate various species from the Earth, destroy large tracts of rainforests, overfish the oceans and, yes, drive climate change by burning fossil fuels.

Just some food for thought. Oh yeh, Krauss has a book coming out this year called "Quantum Man." It probably won't outsell "Going Rogue."

Via: Science Blog
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