The 10 Solutions to Save the Oceans

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We all want to help save the oceans but how? While most of our attention has been fixated on solving terrestrial problems — whether it be deforestation, floods, droughts or other climate change-related weather events — we have largely glossed over the issue of elaborating innovative and sweeping new initiatives aimed at preserving or strengthening the state of our oceans. Sure, we talk about erecting more marine protected areas (MPAs), reducing overfishing pressure and stopping the unregulated flow of treated sewage and nutrient-rich runoff, but are there other viable solutions?

Fortunately, Conservation Magazine took it upon itself to gather some of the brightest minds in ocean conservation and ask them what solutions they would propose to help us save the oceans. The result was 10 unique and innovative ideas. 1. Eat lower on the marine food web and tap into a bountiful supply of protein
2. Elevate the role of small-scale fishers in the world market
3. Alter harvest strategies to account for evolutionary change
4. Invest in microcredit schemes for women in poor coastal communities to curtail overfishing
5. Tap into the firsthand expertise and ingenuity of fishermen and backyard inventors
6. Simple modifications to fishing gear save thousands of turtles and seabirds each year
7. Create new markets that reward careful fishing
8. Eliminate fuel subsidies to reduce destructive bottom trawling on the high seas
9. Text messaging is changing the face of marine conservation
10. Move toward wholesale zoning of the oceans—rather than piecemeal protection schemes

For a complete description of each proposal, be sure to check out the entire feature here. Oh, and feel free to sound off on these ideas and some of the current conservation schemes in the comments!

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