TED Talk: Up-Close Photos of Pollen Tell Unusual Stories

ted talk pollen image

Image via TED talk

You might be noticing your allergies acting up as the weather warms and spring flowers bloom. However, you might not realize that the very pollen you're breathing in that is causing your sinuses to go berserk also tells a fascinating story about the flora of our planet. Jonathan Drori, Head of Commissioning for BBC Online, zooms us in on pollen, showing us the amazing colors, shapes, and functions of the tiny, tiny spores. After listening to this short TED talk, you'll probably never think of pollen in the same way again.

After this TED talk, I have a new appreciation of pollen. And an image of Horton Hears a Who emblazoned in my brain.

Of course, getting up close to anything provides a better appreciation - we see the same thing happen when we look eye to eye with tiny bugs and spiders, where their vivid colors and charisma has a chance to pop out.

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