Technology is Key to Boosting Global Camaraderie and Climate Solutions

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Do we have an ethical bond connecting all humans world wide, and would strengthening it lead us to the solutions we need to resolve global issues such as climate change? UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown makes a case at TED Global that our interconnectedness is vital to bolstering our global ethic and therefore solving our biggest problems. How does technology act as a connector, facilitating the growth of this global ethic and solutions outreach around issues like climate change?

At about 9 minutes in, Brown sends home the point that we're facing many issues that are global in nature, such as climate change, and one or a few countries can't solve them on their own. It takes a global community working together to make the necessary changes. Technology is a big part of this.

Green technology is not just about data centers and OLED televisions. Right now, there are countless people working on using technology to bring together the global community in important ways, from creating a more transparent Internet market place as what Dot Eco is striving to do, to connecting each other through mobile technology as many eco-centered projects are doing across the world, to gathering up, tracking, and making useful the carbon emissions data and energy identities of everything on earth as AMEE is doing.

Technology isn't the be all end all solution to our environmental problems - humans are - but if we're smart about it, technology is one of our primary tools in implementing solutions and seeing through a global shift toward sustainable living.

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