Tea Infusers - a Product Service System (PSS)

teaball-spoon.jpgDecaffeinated coffee to some is like unsweetened sugar. Inconceiveable. But to many tea drinkers caffeine is not required for obtaining a deep sense of satisfaction. These drinkers look to herbal infusions for their joy. When in a rush they might resort to teabags. But these are an anathema to planet loving types. Who wants to throw away that disposable paper bag after every drink. Infusers, like this teaball spoon, are better because the leaves can be removed before turning the tea bitter from tannin. Loose tea can then be knocked into your compost, instead of cluttering the bottom of your cup or mug.One definition of a Product Service System (PSS), is where you get more uses or 'services' from the one item. One tea bag gives you a single cup of tea yet a tea infuser provides almost endless cups. Just like buying a book will probably give you one read yet joining a library gives you infinite reads. A small example of how we can get what we really want (a cup of tea) without needing to resort to environmental destructive practices, in this case, unnecessary disposable tea bags. Of course it also helps to fill your infuser with organic tea like that offered by Mountain Rose who, it appears, were the first company to introduce herbal loose leaf teas to USDA standard for 100% certified organic. ::Mountain Rose [by WM]


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