Taproot Uses Wind Power for Web Hosting

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Most everyone has a website nowadays, and we know that even though websites seem like they have zero impact, it takes a lot of energy to get one up and running, from data servers to computer energy used in managing the site, and even emailing.

We can add one more cool web host to the list of greener options out there. Taproot is a small start-up out of Portland, Oregon that aims to green up web hosting with some very cool energy sources and methods of operating. Taproot’s employees telecommute – there isn’t a physical office location – so the carbon footprint of getting to the office every day is eliminated. That doesn’t, however, eliminate the energy consumed by working from home, so all the employees have enrolled in 100% renewable energy plans with their local power companies. This way, what energy they do use comes from sustainable sources.

Data servers suck up a lot of energy too. Possibly the coolest part about this project is that it powers its servers with 100% wind energy. A little better than floating one on the open seas...

And as an added freebie, Taproot plants a tree for each customer to help lighten their carbon footprints as well. Way better than a mug or fruit basket.

Sounds like running a website just got a whole lot greener.

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