TapIt Gives NYC a Sustainable Water Bottle Refilling Network

tapit water refill network image

Usually people are hunting for the sticker on café windows that shows they offer free wifi. But New York City residents will be searching for another sticker - the TapIt sticker, indicating this is a spot you're welcome to pop in and refill your water bottle. TapIt is a network formed last year and launched last month for New York residents who want to be able to get water while on the go, but avoid plastic bottles. It's a network of café owners who sign up as partners, and allow folks to come in and get free access to clean water for their reusable water bottles.

You can find locations online via PC or smart phones, and quickly see what locations are in your immediate area.

It not only is great for those who want sustainable water, but also great for the participating cafés by simply getting them exposure and goodwill from more people.

So when bopping around New York City, be sure to have your reusable water bottle in hand and be confident you can refill pretty much any time you need -- it sure beats buying the tap water, as you would have to do with another New York City-based operation Tap'dNY.

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