Switching to LED Christmas Lights Could Save One Family $71,600 During December

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Photo via antijoe via Flickr Creative Commons

The Faucher family in Deleware has an affinity for holiday lighting, or rather, an obsession. The family decorates their house with a whopping one million lights. If your jaw dropped open, we're right there with you. The total cost of their energy bill at the end of the month is an estimated $82,300. That's the cost of running the whole show for four hours a night through the month of December. But by switching to LED lights, they could save the majority of that money. House Logic has figured out estimates for how much money could be saved if some of the more famous holiday lighting displays were run on LEDs. For the Foucher's 1,000,000 lights, House Logic estimates that it costs around $686 per hour, for a total of $82,320. However, the same number of LED lights would run only about $89 per hour, or $10,680 for the month. Just imagine what generous gift giving they could do with that saved money.

House Logic came up with the amounts by assuming each bulb was the average 5 watt C7 bulb, so the numbers could be different in reality if the Fauchers use LEDs for some of their displays already.

Either way, we know that LED holiday lights are a huge energy saver -- they may cost more up front, but they last a lot longer and you'll make up the cost in what you don't send to the utility company.

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