Swapping Hits Brentwood and The Upper East Side


Artist Jane Heyman: Stephanie Diani for The New York Times

You gotta love the New York Times. When TreeHugger talks about telecommuting, we find some webworker; the Times finds a hedgie with a 100K of broadband and Bloombergs. When we talk about swapping, we find services that help you trade books; the Times finds artist Jane Heyman and a plastic surgeon:

"I had a show, and the doctor liked my painting of Warhol, which I gave him and got a free nose," Ms. Heyman said. "He liked my work, and I liked his work."

swaptree image

Alina Tugend writes in the Times about the growth of online swapping systems. She tries out Swaptree, (TreeHugger here) and is impressed.

But she also lists some others that are new to us:

Titletrader.com also helps in exchanges of books, DVDs, CDs and games, using a credit system. You can give away an item and once it is received, you get request credits that you can use to get something else on the site. Textswap.com allows college students to trade textbooks. Paperbackswap.com is one of the most popular book-exchange sites.

We also learn what people really want in the world:

Bartering offers a way to get products or services that we feel we can't or shouldn't pay for in these uncertain times. And for those willing to put in a little time, it's a good way to both clear out old stuff and get new stuff without paying. And I learned one other thing: In my next life I'll become a masseuse. It looks as if people will trade just about anything for a good massage.

New York Times
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