Sustainable "Energy Champion": Technology Informatics Design Endeavor

Svati Bhogle

Wangari Maathai, Svati Bhogle of TIDE, India and Ashden Awards host Anna Ford

While the name might not exactly roll of the tongue, Technology Informatics Design Endeavor has been crowned "Energy Champion" at the Ashden Awards ceremony for their work bringing energy efficient woodstoves to small businesses in South India. The organization will receive £40,000 prize money.Why TIDE was chosen:

Many of South India's small businesses rely on wood as their main source of fuel which causes pollution and deforestation not to mention uncomfortable and dangerous working conditions when boilers and stoves are badly-designed. Building on the excellent track record of stove design at the renowned Indian Institute of Science, TIDE commercialises their designs to provide efficient tailor-made woodstoves and kilns which save at least 30 percent of fuel. To date 110,000 workers enjoy better conditions thanks to the 10,000 products they have supplied, saving around 43,000 tonnes of wood each year.  TIDE is developing a range of stoves for large-scale cooking, and working with larger production centres in order to bring the stoves to more customers.

In accepting the award for TIDE, Svati Bhogle said, "There is a serious energy crisis in rural India, but access to energy and its efficient use, accompanied by well-conceived and well-implemented enabling mechanisms, has the potential to transform rural areas."

The full list of award winners is available on the Ashden Awards website.

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