Sustainability Quiz Tests Your Knowledge

johnson controls coconut game image

We at TreeHugger love us a good game, especially a green one.

So you think you’re sustainability savvy and have a knack for designing solutions?

You have the opportunity to test out just how much you know with a very cool new green tech IQ quiz that pushes your limits on environmental ingenuity at home, work and on the road.

But fair warning - it's just a bit addictive.

johnson controls coconut game hillside image

The quiz from Johnson Controls puts you in the shoes of a designer who needs to create an efficient cart to get coconuts to a shredder. The trouble is the terrain is rough and efficiency is the key.

Not only can you design and build your own cart, but you have to navigate it across the terrain at the right speeds at the right time to get your coconuts to their destination safely.

It’s harder than it looks! Just designing the cart is tough. Mine was too sad to even show, so I went with the sample cart.

johnson controls coconut game cart dumped image

But even just driving...oof. I need a lot more practice.

johnson controls coconut game score image

For people who love to DIY it, this is a fun quiz and two more are on their way.

Via Johnson Controls via Good Clean Tech
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