Surprise! The BP Gulf Spill is as Big as these Nations and States ...


Introducing the Best Way Yet to Visualize the Gulf Oil Spill
All those vague references from newscasters about how the BP Gulf spill is as big as this US state or that US state got you yearning for a better way to visualize the spill? If It Was My Home has it. Using Google Maps and data from NASA satellites, the clever interactive map lets you build a frame of reference for the spill's vastness on your own terms -- by moving it around the world, and dropping it on your hometown. For instance, here's what the spill, which, by the way, is bigger than Switzerland, looks like atop that European country:

That should be enough to scare even the notoriously cool Swiss.

Or that if we are interested in playing the "which US state is the oil spill as big as?" game that the TV news outlets seem so infatuated with, here's some food for thought: the spill is bigger than Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut put together, as we saw above. And the spill looks to be almost as big as South Carolina now:


Zooming out onto the international stage again, we see that it looks to be as big as Bangladesh:


About the size of the Sierra Leone in Africa:


It's as big as Costa Rica:


And it's waaay bigger than Israel:


Needless to say, this interactive map is an interesting tool that should help the curious better come to grips with the vast scope of this disaster. The map was in fact created by a Michigan web designer who wanted to bring the scope of the catastrophe home.

I can only cringe at the thought of checking in at If It Was My Home come August, when the gushing oil leak will still likely be, well, gushing.

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