Sunny Flower Solar Charger Folds, Sticks to Windows

sunny flower solar charger photo

Photos via DesignBoom

This new solar charger design from Fandi Meng at first looks like a Solio charger, what with the foldable panels. But when you look closely, it's so much more. DesignBoom points us towards this design for a lovely, compact solar charger. The battery would be able to adhere to a window, and the "petals" spread to absorb the sunlight. When not in use, or when fully charged, you would simply collapse the petals and plug in your handheld device for charging.

sunny flower solar charger folded photo

The design is beautiful, sleek, and shows the potential for creating stylish tools for using renewable energy, rather than the ugly or impractical items we often see set loose upon the world.

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