SunEdison: a Product Service System (PSS)

Wanna to go solar but can't justify the up front cost? Has SunEdison got a deal for you! They pay for, install, own and operate solar panels and systems. They even handle the insurances. What they want from you, is just your roof space and your agreement to buy the generated electricity, at or below current grid pricing. Sounds like a no-brainer. Even if you don't own any roofspace they are happy to negotiate with your landlord to install on their roof. From what we've read, this seems like a true Product Service System (PSS). Get to run your business or organisation on renewable energy, without having to own the technology that makes it happen. A Whole Foods shop tried it and they generated about 20% of the stores' needs over the first summer of operation. As the company notes, it does seem like "a bright idea." ::SunEdison