Submerged is the New Black: 'Aqualta' Envisions Flooded Cities


Aqualta: Times Square at Night, NYC. Images via Studio Lindfors

If nothing happens in Copenhagen, if greenhouse gasses continue to spew unabated, if the glaciers melt, and sea levels rise, New York City based architectural firm Studio Lindfors has envisioned a fatalistic, and more-than-slightly idealized vision of the future cityscape. "Aqualta" takes familiar New York City and Tokyo urban scenes as they'd appear submerged under 4 stories of water. The beautifully rendered images show elevated walkways between skyscrapers, gondolas flowing down the avenues, and citizens living in harmony amongst a backdrop of abundant plant and wildlife.


Aqualta: 5th Avenue & 35th Street, NYC

I won't be downer and point out that, as predicted by Alan Weisman in "A World Without Us", Manhattan would basically collapse as the steel supports for high-rises rust, causing them to topple. Nor will I speculate that many concentrated urban centers would become so toxic from industrial waste and sewage as to be uninhabitable to humans.

Perhaps it's just better to appreciate and dream that things could turn out this way.


Aqualta: Shibuya Station, Tokyo


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