Structured Nano-Technology Membrane Developed To Concentrate CO2 From Power Plant Emissions

"A new type of membrane has been internationally patented by researchers at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. The membrane is made from a plastic material that has been structured by means of nano technology. It catches CO2 while other waste gases pass freely."

"The technology is effective, inexpensive and eco-friendly, and can be used for practically all types of CO2 removal from other gases. Its effectiveness increases proportionally to the concentration of CO2 in the gas."

"The agent helps so that the CO2 molecules in combination with moisture form the chemical formula HCO3 (bicarbonate), which is then quickly transported through the membrane. In this manner, the CO2 is released while the other gases are retained by the membrane."

This method is called facilitated transport and is comparable to the way our lungs get rid of CO2 when we breathe: it is a complex but effective mechanism. Unfortunately this is a solution only half way there. Assuming that the economics work out for potential customers, the other half - as yet not answered seriously even by oil companies - is what to do with the C02 once captured.

For details on the research from NTNU look here (pdf download)

Via:: AlphaGalileo
Image credit::Membrane Research - Gas Applications MEMFO R&D; group; Dept. of Chem.Eng., NTNU

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