Story of Send Shows You How Google Emails Get From Here to There

Google has created the Story of Send, an explanation of how an email goes from your computer to its recipient. In tracing the path of an email, Google also discusses how it has worked to reduce energy consumption of its data centers by 50% as well as how it works to use renewable energy from wind farms near data centers.

During the tour, the company states: "Google runs some of the greenest data centers in the world. In fact, we’re the first major Internet services company to gain external certification of our high environmental standards. One way we save energy is by keeping the temperature on our server floors at a warm 80 degrees... To cool the equipment doing all this work, we use energy-saving methods inspired by the natural environment around us. We also custom-build all of our servers so they are 93% efficient."

Find out more about what Google is doing to green its operations during the tour. It is very basic and light on the details, but it works pretty well for an introduction and may pique your curiosity to find out more.

Story of Send Shows You How Google Emails Get From Here to There
How does your Gmail get from one place to another? And how energy efficient is the process? Google has created an animation to explain some details.

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